Lapping and race tracks

No matter what vehicle you drive, our lapping program is accessible to everyone. The only prerequisites are a positive attitude, a vehicle in good condition and a helmet.

Participating in lapping offers undeniable benefits: improved driving skills, reflexes and a better understanding of the behavior of your vehicle.

Mont-Tremblant Circuit : 16 may, 2-3 july, 21-22 august, 3-17-18 september

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Circuit, Toronto : 8-9 june.   Watkins Glen Circuit , NY : 19-21 july.   Autoslalom with CADL : 25 may.

These new skills translate into safer and more confident daily driving. It is essential to note that lapping is an advanced driving experience, focused on skill development, not a race. The goal is to end the day with your vehicle intact, memorable memories and a radiant smile. Any violation of the rules may result in expulsion from the circuit.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced driver, our qualified instructors will guide you through the intricacies of driving, allowing you to fully experience your passion for automobiles.

Unforgettable moments

Days at the Mont-Tremblant circuit with OTO CLUB are moments of pure pleasure between car enthusiasts, where speed and adrenaline meet in a friendly atmosphere.